The Microcosmo is a patented smart field simulator created in collaboration with ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).
The Microcosmo is able to simulate, in a highly innovative indoor environment, the cultivation in the field, or the cultivation of both woody and herbaceous superior plants in unconventionally environments for plant growth.

This is the first two-stage smart field simulator composed of a unique system capable of replicating what happens in nature in any place, enabling public and private laboratories in the agrifood and forestal sector to study the growth of plants in the experimental conditions.

Microcosmo render

The Microcosmo is equipped with:

“Two-stage” architecture comprised of two separate chambers: ipogea – under the soil – and epigea – above the ground.

A sensor network to monitor the environmental parameters that influence the growth, development and reproduction of plants.

A precision LED lighting system, capable of providing plants with precise and not-as-broad lighting as that of the entire solar spectrum.

Local and remote control systems for ventilation, light administration and other functions.

Environmental parameters of the two chambers, managed and controlled independently. Gas exchanges between them occur only through the surface of the substrate in which the roots of the plants grow, exactly as it occurs in nature.

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