The EyeTrap is an innovative system of pheromone and chromotropic traps for the intelligent and timely control and monitoring of the phytosanitary fight against populations of native and/or alien pests.

This IoT (Internet of Things) system EyeTrap, developed in the Gruppo Fos laboratory, is non-invasive, and can be fully integrated with the normal monitoring activities used in the fields.

It is an Plug & Play pest attack monitoring solution, a self-configuring and wireless smart trap that allows the remote monitoring with real-time images and analysis. Thanks to the alerts that are received directly on the smartphone or other personal devices, the authorized technician, or the farmer itself, can be constantly informed of cultivations conditions by AI algorithms.

Installazione trappola

The alerts can be used on all mobile devices (IOS, Windows 10 phone, Android) and include:

• Notification of receipt of new images.
• Notification of the number of catches.
• Immediate visualization of the target insects.
• Discrimination by trap and field.
• Visualization with on-demand commands.
• Customizable commands.
• Secure authentication with customized user profile.
• User registration subjected to administrator approval.
• Association of fields and traps by user (for example user A cannot access user B’s fields).

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